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In Progress

By metrocubicodigital

Vray Dome Light vs Vray Sun & Sky

On 25, Feb 2012 | 13 Comments | In Progress | By metrocubicodigital

This is a Work in Progress of a commercial job concerning a building in Oporto. Just wanted to share a test of Vray Dome Light vs Vray Sun & Sky. Only curves and color balance adjustments were made in Photoshop. Vray Sun & Sky rendered faster around 25%.

Which one do you prefer? Vray Dome Light or Vray Sun & Sky?

Best regards,

Jacinto Monteiro


  1. I like more the shadows in the sun/sky setup.

  2. I like how the Vray Sun & Sky Illuminate the interiors better and below the balcony. the trees seem better illuminated as well along with the tree shadows. Awesome work!

  3. I personally prefer the mid tone colours present in the hdri and like the colours/ type of the shadows and interiors of the sun/sky system. Although it can be fixed, I kinda dislike the strong reflections in the sun/sky images. I might just go for sun/sky this time, to also return a bit to what I was normally doing 2 years ago before starting to constantly use the HDRI solution.

  4. Well… the grass looks better as it is with the dome light and the house looks better with the sun+sky. I think that the grass might be too reflective, no? picking up too much of the vray sky blues…

    • Gleydi

      Hi,it’s great tutorial, but want to ask about sonithemg.Can i use this in life action composting??e.x. I have a life footage where the camera is moving in a corridor with multiplier lights on the wall.Now if i want to compose a CG small plane into that, moving in front of the camera Well i picture the hole corridor piece by piece and use map projection on a similar geometry ?here’s a video (watch?v=JVU02Uijz4k) explaining what i mean, from 3:21.I hope you help me in that.

    • Melissa

      Well, for this particular scene the liitnghg was really simple just a vray sun and I don\’t think I even used a HDRI image for the environment light. Obviously I\’d use the vray sky for the environment when it prompts you. The crisp look isn\’t always realistic though, the light should be somewhat diffuse and this can be achieved by increasing the size of the sun until the shadows blur.With that set up, a render with the following irradiance map set to medium (primary bounce), light cache set to about 750 (secondary bounce), DMC set to 1/4 as long as the textures are pretty simple and there\’s no displacement, should only take a few minutes or even less. But note, for test renders the settings should be something like IRR set to low/very low, light cache set to 250 and noise set to 0.02 (rather than the default 0.01), render size set to about 800px wide. That should take seconds for a simple scene. Let me know if this helps!

  5. john mclane

    i think you just need to use a HDRI that is closer to the look of the sun+sky, you can’t really compare these images as they are not similar enough.

    still both nice images i their own ways

  6. For a better comparission you shlould make a hdri image from your sun and sky setup and use that in your dome light setup

  7. patoufet

    I prefer the mood of the dome light hdri solution.
    Have used the tip provided by Peter Guthrie and benoit bertrand to get sharpen shadows by lowering the gamma in VrayHdri ?

  8. Yes, exactly! In this case I used 0,8 gamma in the VRay Hdri. I shall try and lower it a bit to 0,75 or even 0,7 like Peter mentioned.


  9. Robsteady

    Could you compare an HDRI from with the ones from peter?
    From my experience these give way better shadow quality (especially tree/leaf shadows which doesn’t show up when i use the ones from guthrie)!

  10. metrocubicodigital

    Hi Robsteady!

    I think that´s a great idea and i ll surely give it a try. Not sure when but it´s noted.
    About the shadow quality in PGs Hdri i ve also noted that even when i lower the gamma value. Can this problem be because of HDRI resolution difference? In Cgskies, they have much more i think. Around 10k, 12k, and PG´s around 8k. But i m not sure at the moment.

    On the other hand, i prefer the skies brightness and overall light of PG HDRI, and i find them easier to control and after the recent update, they are faster rendering now.
    But cgskies are also very nice indeed.

    • Pradeep

      Sure, something siailmr can be done, obviously our technique used in our tutorials is good just to prepare environmental HDRI map, but there are siailmr techniques to make something like in the Atomic Fiction video, maybe we can prepare a tutorial about it in the future.

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